Welcome to Lewistown Montana

Welcome to Lewistown!

In the very center of the state, positioned where the mountains meet the plains, lies Lewistown, Montana, a very special town. 

Established by the Metis in 1879, Lewistown has over the years been a gold rush town, and railroad town, and the training base for the B-17 Flying Fortress. Today it is home to a large agricultural community, as well as a significant manufacturing and construction industry, and has the typical services of a community of 6,000 - public schools and a higher education campus, multiple health care facilities, cultural activities, and shopping and dining.

Geographically, Lewistown has a little bit of everything. The town is situated in the rolling prairie, but surrounded by five unique mountain ranges. Big Spring Creek, which originates from one of the world's largest fresh water springs, flows through the town and is the city water source.  

With the mountains, creeks, reservoirs, and trails, there is an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. Fishing and hunting are particularly popular, as are hiking and camping. During the winter, people ride snowmobiles, ice fish, cross-country ski, and go ice skating. 

Surrounding Lewistown are a number of small towns within easy driving distance. And for bigger city activities, Billings, Great Falls, and Bozeman are all located within a 2.5 hour drive. 

There's something special about the community of Lewistown. Perhaps it's independent, pioneer spirit, where people are authentic and real. Perhaps it's the unique mix of political and economic and cultural perspectives. Perhaps it's the large number of non-profits and people willing to help a neighbor. Perhaps it's the energy and enthusiasm people have for their town the results in big projects being taken on and accomplished. Whatever it is, it's a true pleasure to live in the middle of Montana. 

Lewistown, Montana. Find Your Center. 

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