Foundations of Art for Young Artists

Foundations of Art for Young Artists

Tools of the Trade: Elements and Principles

Ages 12 – 17 Limited enrollment of 8 students

Series #1

Time: Thursday, 4:00 – 5:30

Cost: $40 

Materials will be provided.

Sign up by November 26

Class Dates: November 29, December 13, 20

Series #1, Lesson #1 – Getting the Most Out of Your Pencil

November 29


What can you make a line do?

Value (dark to light shading)

Shading techniques

Ideas explored:

Drawing shapes – geometric and organic

Drawing in the round – 3-Dimensional drawing

Creating space – scale (large to small), placement, overlap

Series#1, Lesson #2 – How Do I Make It Look Like a ….?

December 13


Apply shading techniques while we explore ways artists draw from a printed image.

Ideas explored:

Drawing from an upside down image

Transfer drawing using a grid

Series #1, Lesson #3 – One Two Three Easy as Can Be

December 20


Line + shape + value = your drawing

Ideas explored:

When does a line become more than a line? 

How do we combine the 3 elements?