Metis Celebration and PowWow

Immerse yourself in the cultural enchantment of the annual Metis Celebration and PowWow on Labor Day weekend. Celebrate the Native American cultures of Central Montana with native fiddlers, dancers, singers, and crafters throughout the United States and Canada. All converge at the Fergus County Fairgrounds; everyone is welcome. 

The PowWow is an opportunity for families to experience Native American dance demonstrations and contests, raffles, displays, games, storytelling, cultural demonstrations, concessions, and more, engaging visitors in commemorating Montana's native beginnings. 

The encampment begins setting up on Thursday, and the PowWow opens Friday with fiddle dancing and jigging. A life auction of items donated by visiting tribes is held Friday evening. The Metis Celebration parade is at noon on Saturday; all entries depict life pre-1900. The PowWow is Saturday and Sunday, with open mic music both days. Camping setup at the Fergus County Fairgrounds begins at 3 pm on the Thursday before Labor Day. 

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