Recital Via Railroad Historic Montana Violin & Piano, 1890-1920

Baroque Music Montana presents a performance on Thursday, March 31 in Lewistown. On the "Beyond Baroque" series, this program entitled Recital via Railroad: Historic Montana Violin & Piano Program, 1890-1920 explores the first violin recitals performed in Montana. Once the railroad was laid and before the advent of movies, the best violinists in the world—including Creisler, Ysaye, Maud Powell, Jan Kubelik, Mischa Elman, and their phenomenal recital pianists—shared the most beloved and impressive tunes of the day across Montana from Belt to Livingston. This program explores those fabulous players, the opera houses and theaters where they played, and the repertoire beloved to them and audiences both then and today.

This recital is played by Bozeman Symphony Concertmaster and Juilliard graduate, violinist Carrie Krause, and MSU professor of piano, Julie Gosswiller. This program is also presented in Dillon, Billings, and Bozeman. Tickets are $20 general, $5 students. More information and tickets at baroquemusicmontana.org.

The musicians will present a masterclass open to local students of all ages and abilities prior to the concert at 3:45pm. Register at baroquemusicmontana.org, and more information available from Loraine Day and the music school.


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