Sean Devine Kickstarter Concert

Sean Devine will headline a special concert at The Loft at Central Feed Grilling Co. on Thursday, December 5, featuring special guest songwriter Haeli Allen. Admission to the concert is a minimum $10 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sdevine-austinblues/here-for-it-all) for Sean's new album in progress, titled 'Here For It All.'

Recorded in June at Sonic Ranch outside El Paso, Texas, 'Here For It All' is being produced by Josh Thompson. Josh has played bass with Cody Jinks almost from the beginning of Cody's career, and has produced Cody's last five albums, two of which have been Billboard Top 5 Country albums, and two have been iTunes #1 albums, all genres, worldwide. Josh brought the rest of Cody's band, The Tone Deaf Hippies, to Sonic Ranch to record Sean Devine songs for 'Here For It All.'

“This record could be a game changer in terms of butts in seats where I play” Sean says. “We're looking to have several singles on XM Radio, and do more support act touring.” While Sean and wife Quenby Iandiorio have made a signifcant investment in the project so far, the album needs financial support to be completed. “In the most basic terms, the Kickstarter campaign is a pre-sale” says Sean. “For instance, I have almost 1,600 followers on my Sean Devine page on Facebook. If every one of those people ordered an advance copy of 'Here For It All' on the Kickstarter site, CD or vinyl, we'd have almost twice the funding we need to finish the project.”

Realistically, every single follower on social media probably won't order an advance copy, and Sean has been selling the new record face-to-face this fall, on tour in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Texas, offering fans a free postcard with the pitch for the new album and the link to the Kickstarter page. And, he's playing Kickstarter concerts in his home area, in Livingston, Lewistown, and Big Timber, before the campaign ends December 13. The Lewistown concert will feature local friend and fellow songwriter Haeli Allen playing the opening set.

Admission by Kickstarter pledge is on the honor system, there will be no door check. Come up to the show if your not sure about making a pledge, and hear songs and stories from the album first-hand. See you at The Loft!


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