WapIti Watch & Wyld Game Experience

Did you enjoy our April Wyld Game Event? Come out for the sequel!!

Come watch the elk battle and bugle then enjoy some "trophy meal" instruction! Drive to Slippery Ann Elk Refuge, watch the Wapiti! We will be here during the peak of breeding season!

*approximately a 30 min drive*

Learn more about Slippery Ann Elk Refuge at: www.fws.gov

We will offer two sessions!! You can sign up for our 10 AM or our 5pm dinner group. There will be 11 different wild game samples and 1 dessert to top off the meal.

*25 participants per group*


  • $160.00 Couple Dining Only
  • $500.00 Couple with Lodging for TWO nights

Sample Menu:

Round one:

  • Black and blue tenderloin salad with chokecherry vinegarette
  • Hun on a bun
  • Goose liver pate
  • Whitetail stuffed shells with marinara

Round two:

  • Street Fajita de Lengua
  • Heart Bites
  • Turkey Wellington
  • BBQ stack

Round three:

  • Mini Pasty
  • Mini meatloaf
  • Buffalo turkey mac and cheese
  • Apple rose dessert



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