Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) Seminar

Where's the beef... from? 

Join us for a free seminar on Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) for beef — what it is, why it matters to ranchers and consumers, and the plan to restore it in Montana. 

Spots are filling up fast! Claim yours now. Preregister by calling Jo at 406-538-5584 or emailing Caitlin at caitlin@northernplains.org by January 12. 

Hosted by Central Montana Resource Council and Northern Plains Resource Council, this free seminar is also sponsored by Montana Cattlemen's Association and Montana Farmers Union.

Did you know that you can walk into a grocery store and find out what country almost every item came from? Every item, that is, except beef and pork. There is no law requiring a country-of-origin label for those products. 

While some beef or pork might say "Product of USA," that can be very misleading. Meat that was born, raised, and slaughtered overseas can get that label simply if it was packaged in the U.S. 

When imported meat is allowed to be labeled a "Product of USA,” we all lose. American ranchers lose the right to an honest market, and consumers lose the right to make an honest choice with their dollars. 

Montanans of all stripes want to know where their food comes from. Country-of-Origin Labeling ensures transparency for those of us making food decisions in the grocery store aisle.

COOL also means a fair market for those of us who raise beef. Here in Montana, ranchers raise their cattle with integrity, and have the right to sell into an honest market.

Join us on the 17th to learn more about the ins-and-outs of Country of Origin Labeling law, and to find out how you can take action to help restore it at the 2019 Montana legislature. 

We're excited to announce ranchers Gilles Stockton and Walter Archer as our featured speakers. Northern Plains Resource Council members from Grass Range and Broadus, respectively, Stockton and Archer will share impassioned and informed testimonies on what COOL is, how it impacts their way of life, and more.

Questions? Contact Caitlin at 406-248-1154 or caitlin@northernplains.org.