Stone City’s "Harmonies in the Hangar” are Benefit Concerts that provide intimate performances in a unique venue. These listening rooms are opportunities to get close to the music and the artists for one of the most exclusive live music experiences in Montana. The connection between performers and patrons is almost palpable and magic happens. Audience members are here for the music and the performers don’t have to compete with a bar scene, allowing the subtleties of storytelling to come across.


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By choosing to become a sustainer, you are simply choosing to support more opportunities to bring high quality entertainment to unique environments. All live music events require an enormous team to produce. Some expenses include, but are not limited to, musicians, lodging, meals, travel expenses, sound and light expenses, back line and stage expenses, venue expenses, insurance expenses, marketing expenses, website expenses and so on. By becoming a sustainer you help Stone City make it easier to offset all of these and pay the people in this industry what they deserve and help continue to bring high quality entertainment to any of our listening rooms. In this time when art is undervalued, and the music business is changing fast, musicians and creators need people in their corner. Your generous support provides us with a boost to help keep things moving!

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