Historical Things to Do in Lewistown and Central Montana

Lewistown's modern history starts around 1874 with the establishment of Camp Lewis. Following that, the area went through a number of changes as the Metis, cattlemen and sheep ranchers, miners, farmers, and the railroad brought new people, cultures, and lifestyles into town.

Prior to that, Lewis and Clark made their way through our area. But Central Montana's documented history goes back way farther than that; the Bear Gulch Pictographs date back as early as 1000 CE. Pick one of the places below to go experience a blast from the past. 

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Bear Gulch Pictographs
Central Montana Museum
Ghost Towns and Gold Mines
James Kipp Recreation Area
CMR National Wildlife Refuge
Lewistown Public Library
Reed's Fort Post Office
Winifred Museum
WWII Satellite Airfield
Symmes Park
Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument
Veteran's Memorial Park

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