Winifred Museum

The Winifred Museum is about 40 miles north of Lewistown and features clothing, household goods, newspapers, furniture, and nearly anything you could imagine from the homestead era. There are antique guns and tools, old cigarette cartons, outdated maps, saddles, and soldiers’ uniforms. Other notable collections include over 400 salt and pepper shakers that once belonged to the “town grandma" and what is claimed to be the largest collection of Tonka toys in the world. A dinosaur fossil named Judith is also proudly displayed in the Winifred Museum. This is a replica of the skull found just north of town in the Judith River formation. Judith was the first of her species to be discovered anywhere and was excavated right here in Central Montana. Surrounding Judith is a collection of smaller fossils, which may not be as eye-catching as the giant horned skull, but are still interesting to look at if you dig ancient history.

Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

The hours of the museum vary by time of the year. To inquire about hours please call (406) 462-5425. Reservations recommended, especially outside of the summer months.

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