American Prairie National Discovery Center

Like many large-scale parks and protected natural areas across the globe, American Prairie now has a central gathering place for visitors from around the world.

That place is called the National Discovery Center, and it is located in Lewistown, Montana, within a short drive to the prairie. The Center is open to the public and eventually will host local, regional, and national activities and programs that stir visitors to love and want to preserve the prairie and all of its inhabitants.

Two of the core tenets of American Prairie are providing education about the prairie and public access to the land. The Center is a rendezvous point for visitors going to the prairie, a vibrant place for community building and partnership, and an important educational resource on the importance of grassland ecosystems to the health of our planet.

Located in the newly renovated Power Mercantile building, the National Discovery Center features interactive exhibits about the prairie ecosystem, community meeting spaces, and a film theater.

Be sure to stop through on your next trip to the prairie!

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