Judith Basin Day Drive

Trip Length: 123 miles

Here's a fun drive that loops around the heart of Montana, taking you through some of the best farming and ranching areas around. 

Head north from Lewistown on 191 to the intersection of Hwy 81, then west to Denton. Stop at the Longbranch Bar there for a quick refreshment, then off through a few sharp banked curves and several miles of straight open road to the base of Square Butte, a geographical landmark seen for miles around. 

From there take Hwy 80 south to Stanford and check out the shops and pubs there before heading back down 87 to Windham. 

If you have some time, head south and take in Utica and the Oxen Yoke Inn, nestled right in the foothills of the Belt mountains, before heading back east to Hobson, where you’ll find the Tall Boys Tavern, with great food and drink. 

If you’re running short on time, stay on 87 at Windham and ride past Hobson and back into Lewistown.

Gas Locations En-Route: Stanford, Eddies Corner, Moore

Refreshments: Denton, Stanford, Windham, Utica, Hobson, Eddies Corner, Moore

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