Charlie Russell’s Backyard Day Drive

Trip Length: 98 miles

A great 2-hour ride makes a loop around the Judith Basin. 

Head west down Highway 87 to Stanford and check out the cool little community and businesses there, then backtrack to Windham, where you’ll find the ever-unique Bar 87. 

Head south from there to the historic old town of Utica, the early-days home of western artist Charles Russell. Better grab one of the Oxen Yoke’s famous huge hamburgers before heading east again to Hobson. If you don’t mind a mile or so of gravel road, take a detour just west of Hobson 15 miles to Ackley Lake State Park, then back to Hobson, one of the cleanest little towns in Montana. 

Be sure to check out Tall Boys Tavern while you’re there…the food is outstanding, and you’ll find authentic Montana Beef being served there…even an order of Rocky Mountain Oysters if you’d like an appetizer! Pick up a couple of necessities at Nancy’s Country Market, then back the 25 miles or so to Lewistown and you’re back where you started. A nice 2-1/4 hour travel time ride.

Gas Locations En-Route: Moore, Eddies Corner, Stanford

Refreshments: Moore, Eddies Corner, Hobson, Windham, Stanford, Utica

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