"Who’s Up For A Steak" Day Drive

Trip Length: 255 miles

Want to make a cruise for one of the best-rated steaks in Montana, and top it off with stops at some of the most unique, hidden small bars in the state? Head for Ringling, a tiny out-of-the-way place that’s just right for an afternoon ride. The route takes you through the Wind Farm, Gally’s Brewery in Harlowton, past the Charles M Bair Museum (you really gotta take an hour to see this…), then south on 294 through Lennep to the Ringling Bar. 

After your steak and refreshments, head north to White Sulphur and check out the 2 Basset tap room, Bar 47, the Lane Bar, and the Stockman Bar before heading to your next pit stop: The Checkerboard Inn. 

A half hour more east brings you to the Two Dot Bar, which is just about 15 minutes west of Harlowton. As you pass through Judith Gap, don’t forget the Bar 100 and In The Gap bar for some great food. If you’re still up to it, Eddies Corner has a nice bar and restaurant, and the Office Bar is an ideal stop before you return back to Lewistown.

Gas Locations En-Route: Moore, Eddies Corner, Judith Gap, Harlowton, White Sulphur Springs

Refreshments: Moore, Eddies Corner, Judith Gap, Harlowton, Ringling, White Sulphur Springs, Checkerboard, Two Dot

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