Lewistown to Winifred Day Drive

Trip Length: 78 miles

This 45-minute each way ride takes you between the Judith and Moccasin Mountain ranges and north towards the ranching community of Winifred. 

After a quick stop for refreshments at Shirey’s Pub in Hilger, you will find Winifred at the end of the paved road. Once there, be sure to tour the Winifred Museum, where you’ll see everything from historic relics of the homestead days of Central Montana to large dinosaur bones to one of the largest collections of Tonka trucks and hundreds of other toys from your childhood. Play a round of Mini Golf at Duane’s World, check out the Winifred Tavern, a mainstay of Winifred for years, and stick around for an incredible dinner at the 1028 Steakhouse.

If that tires you out, book a night at the very impressive Winifred International Suites, complete with themed accommodations. Might as well bowl a couple of games while you’re there!

The trip there and back is relaxing, with lots of open road, a few winding stretches, not much traffic, and pretty scenery. Do keep an out out for the occasional deer, antelope, or pheasant that may want to share the road with you. Total time there and back: 1-1/2 hours. 

Gas Locations En-Route: Winifred

Refreshments: Hilger, Winifred

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