Bozeman Loop Day Drive

Trip Length: 394 miles

If you’re up for a day-long ride and the chance to experience some very great riding and scenery, the Bozeman Loop is for you. 

Starting at Lewistown, you’ll head west on Hwy 87 eighteen miles to Eddies Corner, then south on 191 to Harlowton. From there, west on Hwy 12 for forty miles to MT-294/Martinsdale…don’t miss the sign…and stop at the Bair Family Museum…a must-see. Then on southwest roughly 30 miles, staying on 294, to the intersection with Hwy 89 near Ringling. 

Just before Wilsall, catch Hwy 86, a curvy, fun passage through the mountains to Bozeman. Plan on spending time there…it’s a cool, growing city with lots to see and do. 

When you’re ready to continue, head west 45 miles on Interstate 90 to just west of Three Forks, where you will head back north on Hwy 287 to Townsend. Stop for a refreshment here before heading east on Hwy 12 through a winding and scenic passage to White Sulphur Springs. 

There you can take an hour to soak in the hot mineral springs, and be sure to stop in at the 2 Basset Brewery and maybe get a nice meal at the Bar 47 or one of the other local diners, or stop for a visit at the Lane or Stockman Bar. White Sulphur is a good place to gas up before continuing east on Hwy 12 to Harlowton, then on back to Lewistown. A full day, but a really enjoyable one.

Gas Stations En-Route: Eddies Corner, Judith Gap, Harlowton, Bozeman, Three Forks, Townsend, White Sulphur Springs.

Refreshments: Eddies Corner, Judith Gap, Harlowton, Ringling, Bozeman, Three Forks, Toston, Townsend, White Sulphur Springs

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