Lazy Summer Day in Lewistown and Central Montana

Lazy Summer Day

There's no better place to laze it up than in the middle of Montana. Grab some snacks and a towel and get your chill on.

Stop 1: Birdwatch at Brewery Flats

When you're in the middle of Montana, in the early morning before the town comes alive, there's nothing better than the delighted chirps of local birds to keep you company. Grab some coffee from a local coffee shop and head over to the south end of Brewery Flats where you can easily enjoy the sounds of nature. Common birds include the Common Yellowthroat, Baltimore Oriole, Willow Flycatcher, Eastern Kingbird, Great Blue Heron, Bluebirds, Yellow Warblers, Yellow-Rumped Warblers, Catbirds, Bullock's Orioles, Dippers, Pacific Wrens, and Kingfishers. Information courtesy of Birding Trails Montana: 240 Birding Locations Across the Big Sky State.

Stop 2: Take yourself out for some morning-time golfing

Central Montana has four golfing experiences waiting for you: standard golfing at Pine Meadows and Judith Shadows, indoor virtual golf at Links in Pine Meadows, and Duane's World Mini Golf in Winifred! Grab a friend and hit the green. 

Stop 3: Grab some grub and have a picnic at the Big Springs Trout Hatchery

Whip up some sammies and summer cocktails and head out to Big Springs Trout Hatchery for a low-key picnic. The hatchery has a handful of easy-going activities you can do after your picnic, including feeding the fish and meandering on a trail through stone bridges and ponds that were built nearly a century ago. 

Stop 4: Float Big Spring Creek

If there’s just one tradition in Lewistown, it has to be floating Big Spring Creek in the summer. It’s a cool, beautiful, easy float, and a great way for families or friends to spend a lazy afternoon. Most people put in at Roundhouse Road or Timberline Road and take out at Brewery Flats. 

Stop 5: Do a burger-hop around the Judith Basin 

Central Montana is known for its beef, and this burger-hop does not disappoint. This loop takes you around the heart of Montana through some of the best farming and ranching areas around. 

Head north from Lewistown on 191 to the intersection of Hwy 81, then west to Denton. Stop at the Longbranch Bar there for a quick refreshment, then off through a few sharp banked curves and several miles of straight open road to the base of Square Butte, a geographical landmark seen for miles around. From there take Hwy 80 south to Stanford and check out the shops and pubs there before heading back down 87 to Windham. If you have some time, head south and take in Utica and the Oxen Yoke Inn, nestled right in the foothills of the Belt mountains, before heading back east to Hobson, where you’ll find the Tall Boys Tavern, with great food and drink. If you’re running short on time, stay on 87 at Windham and ride past Hobson and back into Lewistown.

Stop 6: Catch a movie at the historic Judith Theatre

This is the best theatre you'll ever catch a movie in. Opened in 1914 on Main Street, the historic Judith Theatre has been in use ever since. It was remodeled in 2007 and transformed into a twin. It's currently part of the Polson Theatres chain.

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