Lewistown Trail System

Lewistown Trail System

The Lewistown Trail System consists of 20 miles of multi-purpose trail winding through the community. The trails are usable year-round. Every few miles, the terrain switches, from paved urban pathways connecting businesses and schools downtown, to the crushed gravel cutting swaths through remarkable natural areas. Whether you choose to walk, hike or bike, the Lewistown Trails present the best of the quintessential Montana vistas of mountains, prairies and farmland.  

Much of the trail system occupies the former railroad bed of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad. The abandoned railroad was acquired in 2006. The tracks were removed and then bed surface improved with crushed gravel to create 10-foot wide paths for recreational physical activity.  

High points of the trail system include the Brewery Flats Recreation Area and the Frog Ponds area. Brewery Flats is a former industrial site that was reclaimed and restored in the 1990s. Big Spring Creek was rerouted and the fish habitat restored and native riparian species replanted. These efforts transformed the brownfield into a vibrant natural area with plenty of wildlife. The trail here runs through grassy plains and then meanders alongside the creek.

The Frog Ponds have also been restored. First constructed in the mid-20th century, the two ponds had filled with sediment so they were dug out and stocked with trout. Trail users can pause here on the benches provided and take in the serenity of the water before moving further along. Naturally, the ponds are popular fishing spots.

For equestrians, there is an 8-mile section (16 miles both ways) which runs parallel to the former railroad bed. To ride this segment of trail, begin on the western edge of Lewistown. The trail takes riders through the countryside, where quaint farmland morphs into picturesque riparian habitat.

Trailhead Park near the Yogo Inn is commonly used as a starting point for trail users.

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