Stanford Bluebird Trail

Stanford Bluebird Trail

This high-occupancy trail has fledged more than 7,000 bluebirds since 1992. Best bluebird viewing is April through August. 

Primary Activities


Highlighted species include mountain bluebird, mountain chickadee, hairy woodpecker, gray catbird, western tanager, Lazuli bunting, sharp-tailed grouse, and American dipper.

Information courtesy of Central Montana Birding Trails.


On US 87 in Stanford, turn south at Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest access for Dry Wolf; first bluebird box 2 miles. At 4.2 miles follow signs to Dry Wolf Campground. Retrace route 6.3 miles, turn east on gravel road 5 miles. Turn right at T intersection, following widest, best-graveled roads at any junction until you reach bluebird box #91 in 10.7 miles. Retrace route to sign for Stanford. Follow signs down Running Wolf drainage to starting point in 11.7 miles. 

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