Slippery Ann

Slippery Ann

Elk breeding usually occurs in September and October, and it is during the breeding season, or rut, that large numbers of elk congregate at the Slippery Ann Elk Viewing Area. Peak numbers of bull elk can be viewed in this area around the second and third weeks of September.

Records from recent years show that nearly 500 elk may visit the elk viewing area in September, though this can vary from year to year. Numbers continue to remain high through early October, and then begin to decline as the harems (groups of cows) break up and the bulls begin to once again feed and store up reserves for the winter ahead.

Fun fact: According to Jody Jones of the Refuge:

The name Slippery Ann is a twice-butchered name for a nearby creek. On old topographical maps, the creek was written "Cyprian," possibly a reference to the early Christian bishop of the same name. Somewhere along the way, that got changed to "Siparyann." Because no one could understand refuge staff when they said the word on the phone, it was changed to Slippery Ann.

Protect yourself and the elk:

  • The boundary of the Elk Viewing Area is clearly posted from the Slippery Ann Campground to Slippery Ann Creek, on both sides of Route #201. The area beyond the the road in the Elk Viewing Area is closed to public entry. Please remain at road's edge while you enjoy watching the elk.
  • Being too close or disturbing animals can be very stressful to wildlife and unsafe for you. Use binoculars, spotting scopes or telephoto camera lenses to "get closer."
  • Respect other viewers.
  • Keep pets leashed and under control at all times.
  • The use of artificial light to locate wildlife, including elk, is prohibited at all times on Charles M. Russell NWR. This includes the use of spotlights, flashlights and your vehicle headlights.
  • Please be aware that collection of shed antlers and animal skulls is illegal. These items are an important source of calcium for elk, deer and other wildlife on the Refuge.


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Primary Activities


The Upper Slippery Ann Camping Area overlooks the elk on the river. This area has no utilities so it is best for campers and motorhomes. There are fire pits there and an outhouse a couple miles down the road.

James Kipp Campground is only a few miles away if you're looking for more amenities. 

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